Biden’s Morality and Compassion

President Joe Biden meets with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel on Oct. 18.
The White House, via X (formerly known as Twitter)

President Joe Biden makes us proud. He makes us proud as committed Zionists. And, even more so, he makes us proud as Americans.

Beginning with his public reaction to the murderous Hamas attack on Israel on Oct. 7, and continuing through his history-making visit to Israel on Oct. 18 during a war, Biden has been the clear and forceful voice of morality, compassion and balance. Time and again he has spoken very directly — with deep personal passion and conviction, but without equivocation — of moral and ethical truths, calling out the barbarism of the Hamas attack and endorsing Israel’s “duty” to defend itself, with force but not vengeance.

Biden’s effort to orchestrate America’s response to the Hamas war is impressive. He has, quite literally, stared evil in the eye and promised to help crush it. He declared solidarity with Israel and promised military and financial support for whatever backing Israel needs. He also pledged humanitarian support for innocent Palestinians trapped in Gaza as he tries to navigate the confusing political and strategic issues that confound those seeking to address and understand the internecine complexities of Middle East rivalries and allegiances.

In the process, Biden has elevated his standing as a leader of moral substance and gained the respect of people around the world who wondered about his forcefulness and political dexterity.

Biden has also excelled as the Consoler-in-Chief. In his warm and engaging manner — with a compassion for loss that he shares quite openly — Biden has taken the time to talk with, embrace and provide comfort to American families suffering from uncertainty for the fate of relatives taken hostage by Hamas and did the same with grieving families in Israel. It is in these intensely emotional and personal interactions that Biden’s humanity shines. He is a man who cares. And he conveys a warmth in his interactions wrapped in a steely determination to make things right.

Biden’s path has not been easy. But he and his team have shown dexterity in adapting to a changing landscape in the fog of war. The circumstances surrounding the tragedy at a Gaza hospital that unfolded during Biden’s flight to Israel is a good example.

Amid the finger-pointing between Hamas and Israel about who was responsible, and as the Arab street erupted and the leaders of the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Egypt swallowed the Hamas lies and took the extraordinary step of canceling their meeting with the visiting president of the United States, Biden waited for his team to review the evidence before making a pronouncement or judgment. And once the evidence was in, he very publicly cleared Israel, without rancor or accusations that could further enflame Arab street sentiment.

We know there are many political minefields ahead. And we know we won’t agree with every step taken or declaration made by Biden in Israel’s war effort. But we know one thing for sure — Joe Biden will do his best to lead and guide America with an abiding commitment to morality and truth. And that makes us very proud.

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