Combat Antisemitism Movement Report Shows Parity Between Far-Left and Far-Right Antisemitic Incidents in 2023


A report released by the Combat Antisemitism Movement’s Antisemitism Research Center on Feb. 13 showed a sharp yearly increase in antisemitic incidents, parity between far-left and far-right incidents of antisemitism, and a surge of campus antisemitism.

The concerning trend is a unique finding, as a sharp increase in far-left incidents brought the overall makeup of incidents along the ideological spectrum to equal levels for the first time since they’ve been tracking along those lines, with 67% of incidents coming from far-left and far-right sources, and an even 33.5% split between the two.

“I think it’s important to note that the antisemitic incidents coming from the far-left are increasingly provocative, increasingly violent and threatening in nature. Whereas in prior years, it was more rhetorical, hate speech, harassment type manifestations,” Arthur Maserjian, the Chief of Staff of CAM, said.

Maserjian spoke on the multiple issues covered by the report and said that a major spike in overall incidents occurred unsurprisingly after Oct. 7, which has been a trend that occurred in previous years when Israel-Hamas tensions have flared like they did in 2021.

He added that he feels that a high level of disinformation and misinformation on social media is contributing to some of these increases being seen as people are being exposed to the situation through these platforms.

Maserjian said that historically far-right antisemitism has been reported more, and is easier to recognize and call out, especially for people who aren’t as familiar with antisemitism but with this current explosion of an over 50% increase in incidents in 2023 there’s far more attention on it.

He said that the report has brought further evidence that people across the world and political affiliations need to work to recognize antisemitism and help prevent it, even when it comes from people on your side of the aisle.

“What this report shows is that antisemitism needs to be combated and taken seriously and looked at across the ideological spectrum with equal measure. We can’t look at just one form of antisemitism today. There’s many forms of contemporary antisemitism and it manifests differently in different places,” Maserjian said.

He said that these problems are occurring in communities across the world and that it’s important that there’s engagement with local communities and local leaders to enact change at a level where most of the negative impacts are harming individuals in the Jewish community.

“With the rise in antisemitism that we’re seeing across the country and in our cities, we need to engage local government and local leaders and educate them about these issues and make sure that they’re involved in dealing with this because that’s where our communities are most affected – at home and where we live our day-to-day lives,” Maserjian said.


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