Dangerous divestment


The Presbyterian Church has for more than 200 years proselytized in Arab countries and among Arab immigrants in Western countries. In support of its apparent goal of gaining Muslim sympathizers and converts, the church declared in its booklet, Zionism Unsettled, that Israel be rejected as the Jewish homeland, and that the church engage in boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel (“Does the Presbyterian Church’s Israel divestment matter?” WJW, June 26). This is meant to earn the loyalty of anti-Israel Arabs in the Middle East, where the Presbyterian Church is the largest Christian church, in contrast to its
decreasing numbers in the United States. It follows that Presbyterian Church members would vote in favor of divestment from companies that sell Israel equipment and supplies necessary for defending itself against Arab assailants, who, from Israel’s inception, have unceasingly striven to destroy the Jewish state and
its citizens.

By divesting in companies that help Israel maintain a strong national defense, the Presbyterians have affirmed their support for the Arab world against Israel, a country approximately the size of New Jersey, our fifth smallest state. The Presbyterian Church is not only punishing the Israeli companies financially, but is aiming to weaken Israel’s defense by intimidating its defense suppliers.


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