Barring entry isn’t ‘being an ally,’ says Omar

At a press conference in front of the Minnesota State Capitol building on Monday Aug. 19, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D – Minn.) said that...

Abbas misses another opportunity

It’s hard to take Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas seriously, and he hasn’t done much in the past several years to convince anyone that he...

Jacqueline’s Lemon Preserves: Taste Test

Last week, I took a hiatus from the lemon preserve blog in the hopes that my lemons would get a little bit softer and...

Pashtida with zucchini, corn and tomatoes: a colorful celebration of summer produce

Pashtida (a crustless quiche) is beloved and common in Israel, where it is enjoyed at potlucks, school events and shivahs. It’s also commonly prepared...

Synagogue-goers get taste of gourmet vegan burger

Avital Berger ate her first cheeseburger at Ohev Shalom – The National Synagogue last week, and the 10 year old declared it “the best...

Tisha B’Av 101: Connecting the dots of Jewish memory

The ninth of Av, which this year starts at sundown on Saturday, Aug. 10, and ends the next night, culminates a three-week period of mourning for devastating losses over the centuries.

The best foods to bring to shivah

Jewish holidays usually follow the same story: they tried to kill us, they failed, now let’s eat. These victories — like the Israelites’ exodus...

You Should Know… Avi Goldman

He took a semester off for an internship at an email software company, and hasn't looked back

Shoppers ponder the meaning of Manischewitz

Shoppers ponder end of iconic brand

Jacqueline’s Lemon Preserves: Week 3

Abby said it was fine to leave seeds in, so I did. They will become soft and edible, I suppose. But I have accidentally eaten fresh lemon seeds before, and biting into that crunchy bitterness is not a pleasant experience.