Letters | Aug. 5, 2020


A disgrace to law enforcement

Regarding “Meet Ellen Rosenblum, Oregon’s attorney general who is taking on Trump’s federal forces in Portland” (July 30): It is apparent that Rosenblum, like most of her colleagues in Oregon, have opted out of the primary function of the government: protecting its citizens. Unfortunately, Rosenblum, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler have found it politically feasible to play to the mob.

Rosenblum should know that “peaceable assembly” as allowed by the Constitution does not include breaking windows, looting businesses, burning federal property, drawing grafitti on federal property, shining lasers in officers’ eyes, throwing toxic chemicals at officers, etc. The refusal of law enforcement officials in Portland, including Rosenblum, to protect federal property necessitated that federal officers protect the property.

And yes, police do use unmarked cars regularly, and do not show their names for very good reasons and she knows well that since crimes were perpetrated on federal property, officers are legally allowed to follow the suspects wherever they go and are not limited to federal property. She and Oregon’s rabbis claim that the federal leaders are taking advantage of those whom they are charged with serving and protecting, yet Oregon’s leaders, including Rosenblum, are the ones abdicating from this duty. While we should be proud of Ms.

Rosenblum for what she has done in her career, I find her a total disgrace to law enforcement.



The Feds invited themselves

As the rhetorical answer to the title of the editorial “Who Invited the Feds?” (July 30), the Portland invasion served as the perfect pretext for President Donald Trump to distract attention from his gross incompetence in responding to the pandemic that has claimed the lives thus far of 150,000 Americans.

Neither Operation Valor nor Operation Legend, as far as Trump is concerned, has anything to do with the proper role of federal law enforcement activities in cities throughout the country experiencing waves of violent crime and protests.

As Mary Trump, the president’s niece and a clinical psychologist has written, he “requires division. It is the only way he knows how to survive.”


Biden fails the Omar-Tlaib-Farrakhan-Sharpton test

Aaron Keyak’s confirms that Joe Biden’s strategy to get the Jewish vote is based on fear-mongering and falsehoods (“Kayek Shares Biden campaign’s plan to get the Jewish vote” July 23). If Joe Biden is so “outspoken against anti-Semitism,” why has he failed even once to call out the anti-Semitic statements of Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.)?

Why do he and the Democratic Party continue to support and hobnob with the likes of known anti-Semites Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton?

President Trump is not perfect, but his record in the White House in support of Jewish causes and Israel is far superior to the Obama-Biden record, and even more so than what’s going on in the Democratic Party today, with Biden’s tacit approval and total endorsement.


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