Letters | Jan. 5, 2022


Taxes could pay for BBB

The Dec. 30 WJW editorial “Build back different” alludes to two 600-pound gorillas. First, money and second, Republican strategy. The WJW mentions concerns about Build Back Better financial accounting. Yet, it does not mention the obstruction stopping any attempt to finance BBB by having those earning over $400,000 — or even billionaires — pay their fair share of reasonable contributions (aka taxes) to our country’s treasury.

It’s puzzling that those who are outraged by attempts to defund law enforcement are the same ones who consistently defund law enforcement resources preventing the IRS going after tax cheats, whether individuals or corporations. Secondly, these same defunders of the IRS contrive “invisibility cloaks,” preventing the IRS from identifying those billionaires squirreling away the money due our treasury and could care for and feed children. Their and Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) obstruction both belittles and hurts our country. As did the late Sen. John McCain, give Republican blind following a “thumbs down.”

Silver Spring

This was missing

I was disheartened to read “Our most read stories of 2021” in the Dec. 30 issue, not because of what it contained, but because of what was missing: the crisis level of antisemitism and anti-Israel activity in our country, and the increasing influence of the anti-Israel, antisemitic Left, and the campaign of Islamist groups like CAIR to delegitimize Israel’s existence and to smear her supporters in the public square.


There is little about the attack on rights of Jewish students on college campuses. There is little about the campaign against Israel in international organizations or daily terror attacks on Jews in Israel. It is my wish for 2022 that WJW focus less on feel-good stories and report on the growing threats to our community.

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