Letters, June 11, 2015


Hitler loved guns – to use against his enemies
As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, a police psychologist, a child of Holocaust survivors, and a Maryland State Police certified firearms instructor, I have heard some creative arguments manufactured by anti-gun rights folks, but Gideon Donnelly’s “Hitler was fan of gun ownership” letter  (WJW,  May 21) is about the zaniest ever. Part of the racial laws promulgated as soon as Hitler stole power specifically outlawed the ownership of firearms by any group the Nazis deemed undesirable.

Hitler loved guns, yes – for the purpose of murdering anyone who disagreed with him. To stretch this to say that he was “fan of gun ownership” and then attempt to shame Jews into disavowing the only thing that keeps us as Americans, and Jews, free (“Can anything that Hitler, as a matter of principle, so avidly endorsed be good for Jews?”), is beyond preposterous and says far more about Donnelly, his ignorance about firearms and their importance to freedom, and the weakness of made-up arguments than it does about Jews who believe in the Second Amendment. It is (actually, really) common knowledge that Hitler loved his dog. Uh-oh – I just hope Hitler didn’t like good chocolate, or I’d feel really guilty.
Silver Spring

Writer’s mother, grandmother sent to Nazi camp
With astonishment I read in Aaron Leibel’s review of Sarah Helm’s new book Ravensbrück (“Book documents horrors of Nazi labor camp for women,” WJW, May 14) that “Between then [1942] and 1945 the only Jewish women there were those passing as Christians.”

This is not true.  Alas, my mother and her mother, betrayed from their hiding place in what is now Slovakia, were transported to Ravensbrück in 1944.


My mother’s keen eyesight and dexterity earned her a spot in Siemens’ satellite camp, but her mother stayed in the main camp and died in the typhoid epidemic in spring 1945.  My mother mentioned to me other Jews there (e.g. from France and Germany).  She talked openly with a guard about not understanding why Jews as the world’s oldest nation were being so
persecuted.  When the Siemens’ head engineer asked her about her nationality, she brashly replied Jewish.
Silver Spring 

Freundel victims should show mercy
I would like to say a few words about the case of Rabbi Barry Freundel (“Freundel’s future: ‘No country club,’” WJW, May 21).

The man is definitely sick. In a time where porn is readily available on the Internet, to go to the trouble of installing his own cameras and filming all this definitely indicates that the person has a mental sickness. If he developed Alzheimer’s disease, his victims would feel pity for him and would ignore anything he did after getting sick. But not in case of this disease? Maybe this is another area where Freundel failed? He converted them into Jews who cannot forgive? What are they going to do on Yom Kippur? Can’t his victims show a little mercy? They are all Jews now. They don’t feel any compassion toward a person who is down? They will eventually go on with their lives; this wound will heal, too. But he will never recover from what he did. Come on, people, he is down, he is all covered with mud. We cannot succumb to the crowd psychology. We are people, we are Jews. Stop! Show mercy. You will feel better.

Professor’s views questioned
Shibley Telhami has an interesting worldview.

In his op/ed (“On Iran, the GCC is paying the price of relying on Netanyahu,” Voices, WJW, May 28), he uses the adjective “extreme” to describe the current Israeli government, but doesn’t use the word to describe the Iranian government. The Saudi Arabian and Qatari governments are also spared the adjective.

It is pretty clear with whom this “professor for peace” really stands.

Did audience forget president’s past actions?
President Obama gave a speech recently at an area synagogue and called himself an ardent supporter of Israel and of the Jewish people (“Obama: Criticism of Israel rooted in love,” WJW, May 28). His remarks were enthusiastically received. Did these people already forget his recent actions? His obvious disdain for Israel and for the prime minister of Israel in particular? Have they already forgotten that, because of his insistence on an idiotic treaty, Iran is sure to obtain a nuclear weapon? This is a man, who through many of his past actions, is an adroit liar. Who can forget, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor?” What a disgraceful action by a bunch of brain-dead Jews.
Silver Spring

Livestock are also supposed to rest on the Sabbath
The June 4 editorial, “The crowning glory of American Pharoah,” (WJW), describes owner Ahmed Zayat as “… deeply religious, observing Shabbat even on the days his horses race — he apparently stays with family and friends in hotels near race venues, arranges catered kosher Shabbat meals and walks to the races — is a testament to the fact that in today’s world, religious conviction needn’t stand in the way of accomplishment.”


The Fourth Commandment stipulates that one’s livestock, as well as one’s family, is to rest on the Sabbath. (All Triple Crown races are run on a Saturday.)

Moreover, according to the Shulchan Aruch, any profits made on Saturday must be ceded to a non-Jew —  at least, this is the convention observed in contracts between Jews and non-Jews in the matter of the ownership of property and usufruct. Therefore, the lavish Triple Crown purses, halachically, can/should pass to a gentile.

Jeers for Pamela Geller
Pamela Geller is not only no hero (‘Pamela Geller is no hero,” Rabbi Jack Moline, Voices, WJW), June 4), but, halachically speaking, a very bad Jew.

Leviticus 19:14 commands that “thou shalt not…place a stumbling block before the blind, but shalt fear thy God. I am
the Lord.”

A contemporary example of such a stumbling black would be sending a gift of Godiva chocolate to a diabetic, or offering a drink to an alcoholic.

Or making a public display of drawing a picture of Muhammad.

Elsner’s approach goes against interests of Israel
Alan Elsner, vice president of communications for J Street, propagandized in the opinion pages of WJW (“Upholding the values of independent journalism,” 85TH anniversary, WJW, June 4) by lambasting supporters of the Israeli government elected by the Israeli people, and diminished the viewpoints of “an aging readership,” insinuating that J Street’s political stands are the correct ones.  Elsner’s depiction of “independent journalism,” is a biased pro-left approach that works against the best interests of Israel and the Jewish people.

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