Letters | June 15, 2022


Mass murder continues

After the massacre at Sandy Hook, after the hand wringing and communal praying were completed, nothing changed. It was fairly obvious that nothing would change. Thus where lies the problem? It’s simple. The problem lies with us. Forget the NRA, for most members are rigid and frankly irrational in their interpretation of the Second Amendment. One can’t have a rational discussion with them.

One of the great flaws in the Constitution is it’s failure to insist on term limits for members of Congress. Once elected, they believe they have an inalienable right to hold office in perpetuity. In this off-year election, it’s comforting to know that several senators of both parties are discussing ways to alter our gun laws or lack thereof. More than likely history will show that nothing will result from these meetings.

As an 83-year-old retired internal medicine physician, I’m convinced that late septuagenarians and octogenarians don’t belong in Congress, nor, for that matter, in the White House. It’s a formula for disaster.

McLean and Naples, Fla.


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