Letters May 18, 2017


A problem with Sarsour

In the May 11 issue of the WJW, there was a long article, “Why Linda Sarsour courts controversy.”

The implication at the end of the article is that some people feel she is an ally on moral issues. There is a significant problem with this.

An infamous tweet reportedly by Sarsour called for sexual violence on Hirsi Ali and Brigette Gabriel (opponents of female genital mutilation, honor killings and child marriage). The actual words were not suitable for quoting in a family publication. The tweet was removed but it has been image captured by numerous websites. To my knowledge, Sarsour has neither apologized for the tweet nor explained it and perhaps believes that it has been flushed down the memory hole. Those who plan to use Sarsour as a positive example on moral issues should ponder this and also examine comprehensively her other tweets as there are additional disturbing elements.




Criticism of the critics

Criticizing City University of New York’s decision to host Linda Sarsour (“Why Sarsour Courts Controversy,” May 11), Morton Klein, the Steve Bannon fanboy and president of the Zionist Organization of America, decries her as “a bigot and divider” and “extremist.” Media-centric President Donald J. Trump reviles former FBI director James Comey as a “grandstander” and “showboat.” Gentlemen: Look in the mirror.


Silver Spring

Sarsour not what she claims to be

“Why Sarsour courts controversy” (WJW, May 11), implied, but did not state one obvious indicator that she is not the supporter of all women she claims to be.

If she supported all women, as she claims, then she would include Israeli women also. She seems to support Arab nationalism but denies Jews the right to their nationalism (Zionism).

Morton Klein is correct when he calls her a “bigot and divider,” and though her bigotry does not seem to extend to all Jews, her bigotry against those who support Israel’s right to exist is clear.

Her support for an Arab-ruled single state solution is also indicative of bigotry. Out of all the Arab ruled states in the world, I doubt that anyone could name three where Jews have anything that resembles freedom.


Falls Church

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