Letters | Nov 10, 2021


Eat less meat

I was grateful to read “Blast of the Shofar“ (Opinion, Oct. 28). The worsening climate crisis affects all life on earth, and we have already waited too long to take decisive action. Fortunately, one simple climate-friendly strategy that can be employed by any concerned individual is to eat less meat (or none at all). Intensive animal agriculture is a huge contributing factor to the greenhouse gases that are continuously warming the planet. Not supporting this abusive industry benefits the animals, human health and the long-term viability of our only home.

Silver Spring

Maybe the vandalism wasn’t antisemitic
Regarding “At George Washington University, damage to imitation Torah triggers real mourning” (Nov. 4):
I read your article about the vandalism at the Tau Kappa Epsilon (“Teek”) fraternity house with great sadness. However, I don’t think you mention some key facts. The incident occurred late at night on Halloween, when many students, and fraternity members, have parties and drink lots of alcohol.
It is very possible that the vandalism at the Teek House was due to drunken behavior by some students or members of one of the university’s fraternities. It’s possible that this attack was not antisemitic in nature, as no swastikas or neo-Nazi language was spray painted at the Teek House. Please keep this in mind before making accusations as to antisemitism at GWU.


Who is the existential threat?
Regarding “Is there still room for Zionist Jews on the American left?” (Opinion, Oct. 28):
Although the Sunrise Movement and other antisemitic Far Left groups Jonathan Tobin has written about are a serious concern, they do not pose an existential threat. Progressive Jewish advocacy groups should narrow their common cause with them by finding a common enemy: Donald Trump-inspired white supremacists. These far right antisemites are a threat to the survival of our democracy.
Focusing on the vitriol from groups such as the Sunrise Movement and BDS is like firefighters who extinguish only one fire inside one room in a burning home. The real danger comes from the Jan. 6 arsonists who want to burn down the entire home, killing everyone inside it.


The headline and article on the Fairfax school calendar in the Nov. 4 issue incorrectly stated that the Fairfax County School Board is now considering a school calendar for 2022-23 that does not close on minority religious holidays. It is not considering such a calendar.

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  1. Barry Dwork is wrong on his assessment of the dangers to Jews coming from the so-called Progressive Left. The problem is that they have made Jew- hatred acceptable in Congress, in the media and in polite parlance. They have done this by pretending that their positions are not anti-Semitic, but just legitimate criticism of Israeli policy. It has been made clear by attempts to eliminate crucial replenishment of Iron Dome, and its many anti-Semitic statements, that this is more than just criticism of particular Israeli leaders or policy. However, what is particularly troublesome to me is the way that they have made anti-Semitism commonplace.


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