Letters | Nov. 14, 2019


Samet showed courage

Regarding “Reform Judaism spreads the gospel of wokeness” (Voices, Nov. 7), thank you, Daniel J. Samet, for incisive thoughts on wokeness at your temple and, I imagine, within progressive congregations overall. I imagine it took some courage to broach the subject publicly, and I hope your fellow congregants, regardless of their
perspectives, welcome your thoughts in the spirit of a much needed
dialogue among chaverim.


To sweep or not to sweep


I was extremely disappointed to read Daniel Samet’s sweeping overgeneralization of Reform Judaism and even more disappointed that you published it. I can’t imagine you publishing an article that lumps all Jews of a different sect into one global description.

As a long-time member of Temple Rodef Shalom in Falls Church, I can say that our temple has had many prominent Republican members. If Washington Jewish Week wants to publish sweeping articles about Judaism, maybe focus on some of the initiatives that concern all Jews. For instance, Temple Rodef Shalom’s inclusion committee focuses on ensuring that the temple is inviting and accessible to the community. We partner with the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s inclusion work with whichever synagogues choose to participate — not just Reform synagogues.


Synagogues are not for left-wing politics

Thank you for Daniel Samet’s insightful piece on the transformation of Reform Judaism into a left-wing political movement. His analysis is spot on.

There are any number of political and charitable organizations Jews can join if they want to support left-wing causes. Why must Jews who care fervently for the Democratic agenda but have little interest in religion turn the synagogue into a political tool?

Chevy Chase

Don’t charge to hear survivors

I am a Holocaust survivor who speaks about my experience to groups, including at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. I believe the museum’s charging of $85 to hear Holocaust survivors is unbecoming and a serious mistake (“Honoring Holocaust Survivors,” Calendar, Nov. 7). Commercialization of Holocaust survivors is, in my view, a detriment to the Holocaust survivors who are used for raising
money. Holocaust deniers and anti-Semitic groups can argue that the museum exploits Holocaust survivors.

You ought to let people hear the survivors without charge.


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