Letters | Oct. 6, 2021


Zuckerberg’s bottom line

Regarding “Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan give $1.3 million to Jewish causes” (Seen, Sept. 30):

It is good that they donated a portion of their wealth to Jewish causes, but he is, in my opinion, amoral. We need to remember that one of the questions we will be asked in our cheshbon hanefesh (the accounting of our soul) is, “How did you conduct your business affairs?”

A clear and present annoyance?

Regarding “The court decision that is a clear and present danger to America’s Jews” (Opinion, Sept. 30):

I felt that the headline of the article was misleading. I don’t see where there was any “clear and present danger” from a group demonstrating against Israel and “Jewish Power” on Saturday mornings across from a synagogue. Were they carrying guns and knives? Did they carry signs saying “Death to the Jews”? There were no facts listed supporting that they were violent or dangerous. Sure, they were a pain, and annoying. But you need more than that to stop a peaceful demonstration under the First Amendment here in the USA. It’s no wonder why the federal courts held against the Jewish motion in the courts trying to stop these demonstrations.

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