Letters to the Editor | Aug. 23, 2023


Fast Food

I was surprised by the casual comments about speeding that were written by Keri White in her recent cooking column about peach desserts (“Just Peachy!” Aug. 17). She jokingly considered offering her dessert to the police officer who stopped her, and she justified speeding by explaining she was running late.

Speeding is serious. It has become ubiquitous, causes crashes and places everyone on the road at risk. Running late is not an acceptable rationale for speeding. Rather, it is a reason to plan more carefully, start trips earlier and, if necessary, find peace with arriving a few minutes late.
Rhona Bosin, Silver Spring


Giving Bigotry Sanction

The ADL study of antisemitism emanating from left-leaning political organizations in Western Europe is a bellwether of what is already occurring in the United States (“Antisemitism from the Left,” Editorial, Aug. 17).

As in Europe, in the U.S. “the road to antisemitic venom from the left most often begins with comment about Israel and its half-century occupation of the Palestinians.” We can see ever-increasing antisemitism being spewed on American college and university campuses today — first in the form of anti-Zionism and then morphing into unabashed hatred of Jewish students on campus.

As antisemitism “increased markedly” in the British Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn — traditionally the political home of British Jews — so did antisemitism increase among radical progressives in the U.S. Democratic Party under the banner of anti-Israel propaganda and antisemitic tropes. However, unlike the British Labour Party, the Democratic Party has failed to take effective action to stem the tide of antisemitism among its members.

And there lies a critical difference. By failing to combat growing antisemitism within the party, and by failing to strongly admonish the radical progressives that “their views are unwelcome,” the Democrats are allowing their party to become fertile ground for the growth of antisemitism in an America that was established to give “to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance” (George Washington’s letter to the Jews of Newport, Rhode Island, 1790).

Marc Caroff, Virginia Beach

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