Letters to the Editor | August 9, 2023


Let’s Keep Religion Out of Civil Law

I very much respect Rabbi Avi Shafran’s religious convictions shared in his opinion piece “Why Orthodox Group Supports Supreme Court Ruling On Not Serving Same-sex Couples” (Aug. 3). I also respect his views of halachah (Jewish Law) even though I disagree with his interpretation on this matter. And what I respect the most is his emphasis that the decline be done politely.

The problem I have is that this is America, with a separation of church and state. Halachah is not to be woven into American civil law, just as Christian teachings or the teachings of the Koran or any other religion have no place in American civil law.

I would hate to live in an America whose laws are faith based, and not my faith. So let’s keep a line between any type of religious law or teachings, with American law, and having said that, both the Torah and Talmud each teach that the law of the land is the law. Rabbi, if you want to have a part in American law, run for public office, otherwise let’s keep Jewish law for Jews and anyone else who wants to learn it, but let’s also keep it out of our courts and legislatures.
Dan Caplan, Rockville

Wonder of Wonders

I give WJW credit and a hearty yasher koach (congratulations) on publishing two entirely opposite Opinion pieces in the last two weeks dealing with the recent Supreme Court opinion on the right of a Christian web designer to refuse to create wedding announcements for same-sex couples. The First Amendment lives on in Washington Jewish Week. Keep up the variety of opinions in your publication.
Marvin B. Levine, Rockville

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