Letters to the Editor | March 23, 2023


The Smotrich Effect

My blood ran cold when I read “Washington Protesters Condemn Israel Bonds for Hosting Smotrich” (WJW, March 16). Based on what I read, Mr. Smotrich and the administration of which he is part are destroying almost everything I have hoped for a Jewish state.

Minimizing the judiciary, where legal minds ponder arguments according to centuries of legal precedent, by overriding them by a Knesset vote is destroying all pretense of legal authority. Based on Smotrich wanting to separate Jews from non-Jews in hospital wards, I wonder where my Reform great-granddaughter would be placed.
Albert Jacobs, Silver Spring

Notable articles

I loved the articles about Montgomery Blair High School (“‘It’s more like friends making an ignorant joke’”) and Judith Heumann (“Judy Heumann, Jewish disability advocate, Adas Israel member, spurred a movement”) in the March 9 issue. Judith Heumann was a terrific advocate for all. Way to go Blair for the Jewish Culture Club! My two nephews went to Blair.
Nan Gootenberg, Rockville

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