Letters to the editor | Oct. 26, 2022


Speaking of intersectionality

Regarding “Both the left and the right have turned on the Jews” (Opinion, Oct. 20): Writer Ian Haworth is right: “Yet again Jews are alone.” As we have always been.

Another title could have been “The real intersectionality.” The lie of intersectionality is support for oppressed people. The truth of intersectionality is demonization of Israel and Jews.

Intersectionality is white, black and brown Christians and Muslims aligning against Jews. It is LBGTQ+ characterizing Israeli LBGTQ+ support as pinkwashing, while silent against Islamic laws making LBGTQ+ illegal. Intersectionality calls Judea and Samaria occupied territory, even as many critics are living in America on land stolen from indigenous people.

Intersectionality allows for condemnation for the death of a single Palestinian, while the world has witnessed the murder of millions just since 1948. Intersectionality elevates the relatively minor death toll and refugee count of the “Nakba” to an epic level — because the world can blame Jews.


Few have ever supported Jews and fewer still vocally support Jews and Israel. As it has been, Jews are alone.
Silver Spring

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