Md. House delegate compares bill to Holocaust



A Maryland state delegate was interrupted yesterday after he made a reference to the Holocaust while speaking in opposition to a bill that lowers the age of consent to mental health care from 16 to 12.

Republican Del. Daniel Cox of Frederick noted that it was Yom Hashoah and that he was wearing a mask he said depicted the Nuremberg trials, the series of military tribunals following World War II in which Nazi leaders were tried for perpetrating the Holocaust.

SB611 lowers the age a minor can consent to treatment for mental or emotional disorders without parent permission so long as the medical provider believes that disclosing that information to the parent will put the minor in harm’s way.

“One of the things that was very interesting, and very sad in the Nuremberg trials, was the fact that medical professionals interfered with parental rights,” Cox said. “And what was the result of those trials? Well, the European Union passed the European Commission of Human rights, guaranteeing that never again will the state and health care community interfere with the rights of parents, the rights to family. And that’s what this bill does.”

Democratic Del. Shane Pendergrass of Howard County interrupted Cox.

“I am enormously affronted as a Jew when you, in any way, compare this bill to the Holocaust, especially today. Shame on you,” she said.

Cox said that he was not comparing the bill to the Holocaust and continued with his speech.

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