Noah Roitman

Noah Roitman

On Jan. 16, Noah Roitman, of Silver Spring, died.

Born on Jan. 10, 1923, in Baranovich, Poland (modern day Belarus), Noah at age 15 lost his immediate family in the Holocaust. He survived by hiding in his home basement the night his family was executed. He escaped the Baranovich Ghetto and joined the Partisans, returning numerous times to smuggle people out from behind the barbed wire fence, including his beloved wife, Rushka.

As a Partisan, he participated in and often led attacks on German forces. He later joined the Russian Army, becoming an artillery commander, and was among the first to enter and liberate Berlin.

Having lost their homes, he and his wife emigrated to Palestine via Germany, France and Cyprus, often encountering brutal treatment. It was in Israel that he and Rushka started their family. He served as an artillery commander in the 1948 Israeli War of Independence and the 1956 Sinai War. His life and exploits are the subject of extensive biographical research and interviews found in such places as the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Yad Vashem. And the written, visual and oral records of Noah’s life and deeds have shaped contemporary understanding of the Holocaust.

Beloved husband to Rachel (Rushka) Shoshana (née Steiner) Roitman, whom he married in 1943 and who predeceased him. Father of Tamar (Raphael) Kedar and Esther (Paul) Roitman Bardack. Grandfather to Eyal (Maren) Kedar, Sharon (Gregory) Kedar, Iris (Michael) Rubin, David (Shoshana) Bardach, Avi (Melissa) Bardack and Daniella (Alan) Bardack. Great-grandfather of 12.

Grandson of Mordechai and Sara (née Brevda) Roitman. Grandson of Aharon and Fruma Karolitzki. Son of Yaakov and Esther (née Karolitzki) Roitman. Brother of Mordechai, Rochel, Dvorah and Moshe Roitman.

Donations may be made to Young Israel Shomrai Emunah of Greater Washington; to Tifereth Israel Congregation; and/or to American Friends of Meir Panim, an organization serving lower income Holocaust survivors in Israel.

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