Paul Ryan at AIPAC


“Man, it is really nice to see you here today.”

Speeches mean nothing if you don’t back them up with actions. “That is why two years ago when rockets were falling on Tel Aviv, the house supported emergency funding for the Iron Dome.”

Said his first trip as speaker of the house will be a return to Israel. Said as long as he’s speaker “We will not allow any legislation that divides our coutries.”

“They say things like the Middle East is a mess. It’s none of our business…They say that it cuts against our interests. In my expereicnes it does no good to wearily wave off our own. That doesn’t bridge the divide. That deepens the divide.”

“The day that japan bombed Pearl Harbor, we realized that two oceans could not protect us.”

Noted that winning on D-day and other victories required alliances. Noted that the US was the first country to recognize the state of Israel in 1948.

Said threats are very different now. Listed N. Korea, Iran, and Russia along with ISIS as the major threats Israel faces.

“Israel is the first target, and we are the ultimate target. You know why this is? It’s because we share the same values.”

“Israel does not fund terrorism in other countries, but it does have a police department that fights terrorism in our country.”

Then came to Iran deal which he called “exhibit A”. Simply said “I think it was a terrible deal.” To a very loud sustained roar.

“Because of this deal, our friends in the Middle East are losing faith in us, or at least our judgement.”

“They get something for essentially nothing. It was a steal. It was a steal and that’s even if they don’t cheat.”

“It is fine to negotiate with our enemies. But not at our friends’ expense.”

Said US “legitimized” Iran’s nuclear program, as evidenced by the recent missile tests.

Also encouraged pushing back on BDS, to very loud sustained applause.

“A confident America keeps its word. It stands by its allies. A confident America stands by Israel.”

Talked about there being a huge pro-Israel community in Wisconsin. “It is not just a constituency to me. These are my friends.”


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