Silver Spring couple’s free-range children picked up by police again

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Montgomery County Child Protective Services picked up Rafi, 10, and Dvora, 6, the children of Silver Spring couple Danielle and Alexander Meitiv, who are part of the “free range” movement that encourages childhood independence.

The parents had to retrieve their children from Child Protective Services after they were removed from a park Sunday by police.

Responding to a call from a citizen, police collected the children and took them to Child Protective Services.

In a statement, Child Protective Services said, “Protecting children is the agency’s number one priority and that it is required to follow up on all calls.”

Stay tuned to Washington Jewish Week for more details in this developing story…

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  1. When children aren’t supervised abuse can take place because children in this age group aren’t mature enough to control themselves when they are angry or frustrated with each other. In this case children wondering along Fenton Street in Silver Spring were observed by the public when the 10 year old was punching the 6 year old and the police was called. This is what was said on the news. Child Protective Services has an obligation to protect our children and they investigated the incident(s). It is time to acknowledge that there is a difference between free range and negligence.


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