WATCH: WWII veteran talks about liberating camps

Robert Stromberg, 96, recalls memories from his years of service during World War II (Courtesy of Jess Atkinson).

At 96, Silver Spring resident Robert Stromberg recalls liberating Nazi concentration camps as a young soldier.

“The human damage to our people was just terrible,” he says in the six-minute video “Stories of service pfc. Robert Stromberg.” “The inmates were skeletons.”

“On the one hand you’re so happy, you’re able to free these people and they’re out of their misery, more or less,” Stromberg says in the video, produced by Bethesda-based 3 Penny Films. “On the other hand, you can see what was done to them, and you can see what they’ve been through. That’s the negative part, so it’s a mixed feeling.”



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