Pile of thin red chili peppers.

What red hot chile peppers might be able to do for cancer pain

SPONSORED CONTENT By Larry Luxnor It’s no secret that Israelis can do amazing things with spicy foods. Exhibit No. 1: zhug, the hot sauce derived from...

Research subjects sought in Parkinson’s study

PHILADELPHIA — Ed Rendell was Pennsylvania’s governor in 2010 when he made national news by declaring the country “a nation of wusses.” Two years later...

Lessons women learn postpartum

Google the term “postpartum,” says Chaya Kasse Valier, and you’ll find it linked to depression. The 24 stories in Kasse Valier’s “Second Labor: Mothers Share...

For an easy fast, experts say, break bad habits

Want to have a more meaningful Yom Kippur? Skip coffee the day before the fast. Better yet, stop drinking it now.

Synagogue email leads to kidney match

This year, Ilene Silverman’s synagogue found her a match — only it wasn’t a match of the heart, but of the kidney. The 67-year-old Germantown...

The buzz on Zika

With a health emergency declared, what, exactly, is there to worry about?

The dilemma: a parent with dementia

“Don’t try to bring her into your world. Go into hers,” a daughter says.

Not all the news is bad when it comes to youth substance abuse...

Teenagers are using less alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs, according to a recent Monitoring the Future survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The...

When the sirens sound, Haifa hospital can now go completely underground

An alarm sounds and the clock begins ticking down at the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa. In just 72 hours, the largest hospital in...

Kosher kush

Maryland is in the midst of issuing a select number of licenses for growing, processing and selling medical cannabis, and at least one applicant...