10 Jewish moments from ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’


“Curb Your Enthusiasm” — that ensemble smorgasbord of sometimes caustic, often cringey, but overall delightfully relatable humor, created by and starring Larry David — is as Jewish as a New York deli. That is to say, it isn’t necessarily certified kosher, but it is bursting with undeniably Jewish content and flavor.

In honor of HBO’s announcement this week that the show is renewed for an 11th season (production date TBD because of the coronavirus pandemic), here are my choice of the top 10 Jewish moments from previous seasons of “Curb.” All clips are property of HBO. (Warning: some of the language is NSFS — not safe for synagogue.)

I think this list is pretty, pretty, pretty good, but if you have other contenders, post them in the comments.

To secure a favor for friend, Larry tries to impress a religious Jew by laying it on a little thick with the Jewishness:

There are survivors, and then there’s “Survivor”:

Larry David on prayer:

“I do hate myself, but it has nothing to do with being Jewish!”

Politics of Middle Eastern dining, Part 1:

(Language Warning) Politics of Middle Eastern dining, Part 2:

I’m Orthodox and this isn’t AT ALL a rule, but it’s still pretty funny:

He was just trying to help fill out the minyan:

Larry knows the way to this dog’s heart:

“She didn’t want to spoil your trip.”

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