4 reasons this Jew is voting Republican

Vladimir Lenin
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By Howard Sachs

Oh my, the shock! A liberal Jew that will vote for any “R” or little elephant icon I see on the ballot. Absolutely. I do so because that “progressive,” “liberal,” Democrat media “wokeness” we are buried in is anything but. It is profoundly regressive. It is, in my opinion, un-American, non-Jewish, deeply unkind and illiberal. It is a powerful force of destructiveness America has never encountered before. Lincoln was right.

If our demise in America comes, it will come from within — from, for example, an ideology like Leftism that has captured millions. It will come if the Left regains power with the likes of Biden, Harris, AOC, Bernie and The Squad. Here are just four of about 25 reasons I will proudly and passionately vote for any Republican, no matter how nice, friendly, irritating or brash a man or woman it represents.

1. I vote Republican because as a Jew, American and man of the West, I care about living a moral life. I believe there is an absolute concept of good and evil, applicable in all places and at all times. The ideology of the Left, on the other hand, rejects the concept of good and evil.


Communists like Lenin spoke of the concept that there is no such thing as good and bad. What is right, he said, is what the Communist State says is right. Leftist leaders at the National Museum of Black History recently reiterated such poison with a printed handout saying objective truth and morality does not exist. This amorality is fundamental to Leftism. Today, on our American shores, what is right for the Leftist is what is good for the Democrat party. What matters to the man of the Left is all connected to the intersection of Leftist power centers — black or white, strong or weak, male or female, gay or straight. It plays out daily in what we see, read and hear from the Leftist (Democrat) world. It’s why Barack Obama can still travel the world and speak the lie and moral perversion of “Ferguson.”

Michael Brown assaulted a shop owner, then physically attacked a policeman. Those evil acts to Mr. Obama are not the concern. His skin pigment is key. It’s why Kamala said she was “proud” of the black man alleged to have raped a woman. It’s why Justice Sotomayor spouts the amoral notion that she looks to judge a person based on how weak, marginalized, poor, Latino, they are rather than whether or not they did bad or good according to the law. It’s why good, decent Israel is hated by the Left. Israel is strong, thought of as white and European, while the Jew-hating Arabs are conceived as darker skinned and weak. Morality, good and bad, do not play into the assessment for men and women of the Left on the Middle East issue or any others.

2. I vote Republican because, as a Jew and American, I embrace liberty while the Leftist (Democrat) embraces the State and its tyrannical control. Remember the eerie, chilling, Orwellian voice at the DNC convention: “What binds us all together is Government.”

It’s a story as old as the Bible. The Jews did what all men can be easily convinced to do — long for slavery over freedom. Recall how the Israelites cried out to return to the slavery of Egypt where they were assured of three square meals a day and shelter at night. Free college for all! The freedom and responsibility of fending for themselves was too much to bear.

We all, to varying degrees, come with that childlike foolishness in our natures. We all, to a degree, want Mom and Dad to always be there to care for us. And that is the mirage and poison the Left (Democrats) tries to sell us, and sells it well with their propaganda. They provide Mommy and Daddy in the form of the State. Joe and AOC are there for us all, to take care of each of us from cradle to grave.

They just don’t tell us at what cost that comes with. You must trade your free adult soul for such a deal. You’ll get all that free stuff for a while until the money runs out, but in return, you get to cower under the iron fist of the faceless, nameless, unaccountable State. Yes, Kamala will give us all that “free” healthcare, but in return they will strip us of our money, adult strength and liberty and wreck our medical system as a byproduct. “You will see what doctor I demand. You will swallow what drug I prescribe. And you will fork over massive amounts of your private property to let me run this Leviathan-sized, wasteful, depressing, low-quality Government medical system.“

3. I vote Republican because, as a Jew, American and man of the West, I reject stealing. The Left (Democrats) tries to turn us into thieves. As the fine writer and movie producer Dinesh D‘Souza said recently, “The Democrats have found a way to turn ordinary people into thieves.”

Basically, the men and women of the Left (Democrats) have persuaded millions to consume this poison. They do it with such brainwashing, like, “You know all that stuff your neighbor has. He didn’t really earn that. A lot of that was stolen from you because your great-great-grandfather was treated poorly by people who looked sort of like your neighbor. It was stolen because that guy across the street did not build the roads he drives on to his factory or build the schools that taught him to use his mind to develop his business. “The people” built that stuff and therefore your neighbor’s stuff belongs to you as part of “the people.” So don’t feel bad taking his stuff. Don’t feel bad voting Democrat and allowing me, backed by lots of guns, to go to your neighbor, take his stuff and give it to deserving you. And be sure you vote Left (Democrat) next election.

Gargantuan pillage is also being perpetrated by the Left on our poor kids and grandkids. Their futures are being stolen each minute of the day as the men and women of the Left crank our money-printing machines and rack up mountains of debt and debase our money. Nancy wants 3 more trillion to be printed and borrowed to feed her power base. It’s done all in the name of compassion and investment, but it is in reality, thievery on a cosmic scale.

4. I vote Republican because, as a Jew, American and man of the West, I believe in basic bourgeois American values and science. The men and women of the Left reject them. I believe people should get married and look forward to taking care of a spouse, building a home and raising children. The Left tells us they do not believe in the nuclear family.

I believe that my neighbor doesn’t owe me anything and that I must work for what I need and want. The Left believes a man is entitled to a lot of what belongs to the guy next door. I believe that proper talk and dress are vital to a civil society. The Left does not.

I believe that a society commits suicide if it has open borders and also promises millions illegally crossing that border more free stuff if they vote Left (Democrat).

I believe that free market capitalism has proven the most moral and wonderful way to create wealth and dignified lives for all. It is the greatest anti-poverty machine known to man. The man of the Left rejects that and believes socialism, the proven destructive and degrading economic system, is what we all need in America.

I believe in small, limited government, because all of us are deeply flawed and will oppress others if given too much power and tax money. I just want to be left alone to live my life as I see fit. The Left rejects that notion and glorifies in the Big, powerful state and little politicians that run about telling us to put masks on our faces between each bite at a restaurant.

I believe that unborn children are living human beings no different than me. To use the assault weapon of the abortion knife to tear them apart is in almost all cases a moral crime. The Left believes in “shouting out your abortion.”

I believe the climate on earth has been changing for 4 billion years. That there are hundreds of parameters that affect it. I know that men today have barely a clue about how all these things in concert affects it. And that calling for the utter destruction of the economies of the West by eliminating fossil fuels is an act of grand tyranny and immorality.

I believe in free speech, not in the disgusting notion of the Left that “hate speech” should be abolished.

I believe all free, good men and women should be proud to have a very powerful and assaulting gun by their side to defend themselves from the evil men and States that will always be with us.

I believe America has been the greatest force for good to the world in all of human history. We are not a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic society as the Left tells us we are. That is also a grand, vile lie.

So on Nov. 3, I will seek out any name with a Republican marking on its side and vote for America and against this horrid ideology of Leftism. I will care not one whit about orange hair or bad tweets.

Howard Sachs writes from Bethesda.

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  1. I love that article. Someone finally tells us that “the emperor has no clothes.”
    Today’s democrats are not the old democratic party your grandparents loved.
    They are an Orwellian creation. It takes willful blindness and misguided compassion not to see that.
    e.m.c., Columbia, MD

  2. Well said, Mr. Sachs, well said. The evil of ‘wokeness’ surrounds us; post-modern gibberish is taught in our schools, intersectionalist dogma is championed by our political elite, and anti-Judeo-Christian propaganda is promulgated by our religious institutions. The end of the age of enlightenment is upon us; sectarian identity politics based thought controls our society and we have only ourselves to blame. Perhaps, worst among the communities in near total denial about the true nature of the emerging new age are the Jews. It is hard to believe that we, both individually and collectively, have forgotten the horrors inflicted upon our religious community throughout the millennia. Anti-Semitism flourishes today throughout the world, including, sadly, in America. If we are not for ourselves now, we won’t have a chance to be later. Once the racist intersectionalists who dominate the political left gain control, we, as a people whose skins are nominally ‘white’ and whose heritage is Jewish, will be lucky to enjoy any residual rights at all. At best, perhaps, we might be ‘tolerated’ as the Dihimmia are in Muslim theocracies, that is, as non citizens subject to special taxation and arbitrary group punishment. Protect yourselves, your children and our future. Vote Republican on November 3rd.

  3. The decline of western civilization has accellerated with the endorsement of liberal white Jewish hypocrites, harboring guilt for their own success. We perversly reward looters and arsonists by failing to call them out as such lest we be labelled as racists. We shrink toward mediocraty because our children are fed socialist propaganda that rewards for merit is discriminatory. Do not go gently into that dark night of socialism. Rage , rage against this tide. Its your duty as a Jew and as an American Thank you Howard Sachs for your keen insights and your effusive rage.

  4. I am an American who observes the Jewish faith. I first voted for Pres. Eisenhower and have always chosen my candidate by their policies, actions and personality. I could not vote for a bigot, liar,tyrant and egomaniac who totally lacks empathy and thinks only of himself. This is not a good, moral person. Do you like freedom of speech? This is not what your choice embraces. His lack of morals is contagious among his followers.
    Trump’s lack of interest in science has killed over 200,00 Americans. The economy under President Obama rebounded after the recession and unemployment was 9.4% in 2017. The disastrous response to the virus has changed this picture.
    Democrats are not socialists. However, we do care about all Americans not only the favored few who benefited from a major tax cut. They also use government services, like fire and police. Do you like your medicare? Trump embraces Putin and white supremacists. Not only does he pit Dem against Rep but he stirs up racist fears.
    He has put our national security at great risk. Who does he owe over $400,000.,000 to?
    I cannot read your note without thinking – the horrors you describe are not Democrats. They are the acts of the white supremacists Trump embraces.

  5. Mr. Salomon’s comment posted above I find particularly ‘rich’ in light of the recent disclosures of Hunter Biden’s laptop’s emails. Those with Trump Derangement Syndrome are amazing how they can keep perpetuating the ruse that TRUMP — who has been in office for less than FOUR years — and has accomplished SO MUCH for SO MANY Americans: securing our southern border, moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Golan Hgts, extending Title IX protections to include Jewish students on college campuses, funding Historic Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) at unprecedented levels for a decade instead of forcing them to make an annual trip to DC to beg for funding, opportunity zones, lowest unemployment levels for ALL demographic groups, getting the remains of US service men repatrioted, securing the release of U.S. prisoners incuding Otto Warmbier who the Obama administration allowed to essentially be tortured to death, and on and on, is the bad guy while BIDEN, who’s been IN ELECTED OFFICE FOR 47 YEARS is utterly “moral” and blameless for any of the ills of the world, despite Biden’s being the sponsor of the crime bill that locked up black Americans at unprecedented levels, apparently that is okie-dokie.

  6. Total nonsense and delusional. Blathering justification for backing a lying, stealing, delusional, self-absorbed celebrity.

  7. Marxism-Leninism and the Western-style progressive movement are two very different entities, and yet the obsessiveness and dogmatism of the latter is increasingly reminiscent of Soviet practices.


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