A proposal at a Pride parade

Aden and Josh marched in the Boston Pride celebration after their engagement
Aden and Josh marched in the Boston Pride celebration after their engagement

After coming out in May 2012, I began searching for someone to be with: a partner, a nice Jewish guy.

I began by going to Keshet events and meeting guys on OKCupid. There were some nice guys, but nothing clicked.

During one Keshet Shabbat, I chatted with another guy about our Jewish and spiritual journeys and felt something between us. But he left before I could get his name.

Months later we reconnected and agreed to meet in Cambridge, Mass. The date was a long walk along the Charles River from Cambridge to Copley Square in Boston. Aden and I could not stop talking. Sitting on a bench on Copley square he leaned in for a kiss on the cheek.


I felt nervous. This was the first time someone felt that close to me. I didn’t know what this would lead to, but I felt something special.

Eight months later, I went up to his home and noticed something was off. He was nervous and out of character.

I asked, “Is something happening tomorrow?”

“No!” he replied quickly.

I glared and thought for a moment. “Are you going to propose to me tomorrow?”

In a split second he responded, “No, I got you a puppy, and his name is Jim Henson.

The next day we went together to help Keshet set up for Boston Pride 2014. I was excited and nervous to meet my supposed new puppy.

When we arrived, my friend Adam from high school was there. Not totally out of the ordinary, I knew he was going to Pride, but I was confused as to why he was spending so much time chatting with me. But anyway, I was meeting a puppy, what did I care?

Along came Aden’s friend Sara, without a puppy. I was confused.

Instead, he got down on one knee and showed me a sign that read “Will you travel through space and time with me?”

He gave me a TARDIS box with a ring in it. He said he loved me, my family, my friends, and my Jewish commitment. And then asked, “Will you marry me?” I said yes.

We held signs sharing our brand new engagement as we marched through the parade. While marching, we heard shouts of “Mazel Tov” and “Congratulations!”

It was quite a day. Aden told me he had to do it on Pride because it was a meaningful day for me. Two years prior I had just come out. Aden put so much thought into the day, which shows his love and care for making meaning in life and understanding me like nobody else.

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