Agreements with Iran?


The news item “Lawmakers riled over Obama’s plan in Iran deal” (WJW, Oct. 23) described the concerns of some lawmakers that vital U.S. national security interests might not be met.

For more than a decade, the Iranian leadership has continued its nuclear development programs despite increasing sanctions and Western condemnation. It remains a mystery why President Obama should have agreed to ease the very sanctions that brought Iran to the talks, while those talks were in progress. After accepting one extension of the negotiations from July to November, there is now a rush to get an agreement in place. Thus, it is hardly surprising that senators are concerned that such an agreement might allow Iran to continue to use centrifuges to enrich

We have seen recently how this administration treats major threats in what can only be described as a cavalier manner. It ignores the clearly growing radical Islamist threats, and then belatedly initiates air attacks, which alone cannot defeat the enemy. It repeatedly changed protocols to prevent the spread of Ebola in this country, such that some states are introducing their own more stringent rules to safeguard their citizens.
Yes, senators should be concerned about any agreement struck by our president and our secretary of state. They have provided us with ample evidence of their lack of competence to reach decisions that enhance the security of this nation and that of our allies.

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