Alan Fisher


Hashem brings us opportunities to help improve the world, and we must recognize Hashem’s role in what otherwise appears to happen by chance. Purim reminds us that God operated entirely behind the scenes in the Megillah, and His name does not appear anywhere in the text. As Mordechai told Esther, God will save the Jews. He offered Esther the opportunity to have a role in saving our people. She could either take the opportunity and work with God, or

God would find another person and way to save our people.

I have recognized some opportunities that have come my way to help fellow Jews. What little I have done is my responsibility as a Jew rather than anything that requires a Jewish leader. My activities are natural responses that any member of our community, especially one who recognizes the presence of God in our lives, could have accomplished.

Alan Fisher, government economist and native of Los Angeles, has been gabbai of the FTC Minyan for more than 20 years. He now also coordinates the late weeknight Maariv service at Beth Sholom, supports Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, assists in various activities for Har Shalom and works informally with helping individuals with job search activities. Membership chairman of the American Dahlia Society (flowers) for more than 20 years, he writes extensively on dahlias. He thanks his family for encouraging his outside interests.
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