Vindman’s NoVa synagogue is accepting letters of support following his NSC ouster


Alexander Vindman’s synagogue in Springfield, Va., is accepting letters of support in his behalf.

Vindman, the Jewish staffer who was among the first to raise flags about President Donald Trump’s pressure on Ukraine to investigate a political rival, was removed from his position as an expert on U.S. policy in Ukraine at the National Security Council on Friday.

“The Vindman family is a valued member of Congregation Adat Reyim’s community of friends. We are proud to support Lt Colonel Alex Vindman during this challenging time,” said Rebecca Geller, co-president of Congregation Adat Reyim.

In addition, for those seeking ways to show support, the Vindman family has requested donations be made to the synagogue via in Alexander Vindman’s honor.

Trump also recalled Gordon Sondland, U.S. ambassador to the European Union. Both Vindman and Sondland testified against Trump in the U.S. House of Representatives, providing damaging testimony that led to Trump’s impeachment. Their removal comes just days after Trump was acquitted by the Republican-led U.S. Senate in an impeachment trial.

Also Friday, Vindman’s twin brother, Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, was asked to leave his job as a White House lawyer. Both Vindmans, Jews who immigrated with their father from Ukraine in 1979, were reassigned to the Army.

Vindman said during his testimony that his father feared that his speaking out would bring retaliation.

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  1. Colonel Vindman is the epitome of integrity and an inspiration to those of us seeking to better ourselves. All support and love to him, his family and the congregation.

  2. Colonel Vindman you did what many wished they could have done and did what many others should have done. You are not only standing up for the American people but for Jews every where. Thank you for your service


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