Anti-maskers try to order kosher Chinese. Cite Holocaust.



Holy Chow in 2018. Photo by Hannah Monicken

Two anti-mask protesters harassed and berated employees at Holy Chow! in Silver Spring over Montgomery County’s indoor mask mandate.

The pair entered the restaurant during the Sunday dinner rush and refused to wear their masks. In a video posted to Twitter, when an employee told them it was county law to wear masks indoors when not eating or drinking, the woman — who was wearing an anti-vaccine button on her shirt — could be heard saying “Segregation was legal. Jim Crow was legal. The Holocaust was legal.”

The employee offered to take their order online so they could wait outside, but the woman said it was “inhumane” to make her do that.

According to MyMCMD, according to several sources, the man who shot the video’s name is Curtis Goldstein.

Holy Chow! Is a Chinese and kosher restaurant. The owner of the restaurant did not return requests for comment.

On Thursday, co-owner Ami Schreiber said customers have been unusually kind following the incident.

“Someone came in other night and said they had no intention of ordering Chinese this week, but he said he felt that we probably deserved [his patronage],” Schreiber said. “One person ordered $14 worth of food and then added a $36 tip. People have stepped up, and that’s what’s kind of nice — when you have something that’s really bad and negative and  something really good comes out of it.”

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