Apps for your seder plate


With the recent explosion of smart phones and tablets, odds were pretty high that there would be apps to help for the seder. Here are some options.

Passover Haggadah (Androcalc, free) This app provides the entire Haggadah in Hebrew with vowels. With resizable text, noted separations between sections of the seder, and at no cost to the user, the app allows users to browse through the portions of their seder as they eagerly await the meal.

Ma Nishtana (Zigzag, Inc., $0.99) Is it your first seder? Will you have the honor of reading the Four Questions? And are you nervous about reading the Hebrew? Ma Nishtana will help you out. If you use your Android device, the voice that comes with your phone will pronounce each word for you while a pointer follows along in the text.

Prepare Charoset (Minh T Tran, free) Looking for an interesting twist on this seder plate mainstay? Download the Prepare Charoset app to learn some different recipe variations.

No Chametz – Sell, Search Destroy (RustyBrick, Inc., free) If you’re looking for ways your iPhone or iPad can help you learn how to get your place ready and kosher for Passover, search no further. This app will guide you through each step of selling your chametz, cleaning your house and performing the bedikat chametz and biur chametz (search for and burning leaven) rituals, while explaining the significance of each.

cRc Kosher (Rocketouch, Inc., free) Useful year-round, this app will give you a list of certified kosher foods for any occasion, and on Passover it provides shopping and preparation tips. It features a comparison tool to other kosher agencies and hechshers, so that you can get the most supported view possible on your purchases.

Passover Assistant ( Jewish Apps, free) With features including key Passover times, Passover recipe, seder tips, a chametz seller finder, the Passover Assistant will guide you through preparing and executing each aspect of Passover.

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