Attack of the doves


Right wing

The war of words between the Israeli right and left about peace has found its newest battleground: a YouTube music parody. The dovish Peace Now group released a Purim spoof in which prominent members of the Israeli left dressed up in “right wing” costumes. To the tune of George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set on You,” they sang “How excellent it is to be a right winger.”

A sample: Former government minister Yossi Beilin tells the viewer, “It’s a great thing that there’s no partner [for peace] and Arabs understand strength and bombs the most. Because without the Arabs, what would I scare you with? Ghosts?”

Back in December, Orit Arfa, from the West Bank town Ariel, infused the settlement movement with a shot of Miley Cyrus in her “Jews Can’t Stop” parody. With lyrics like “Can’t you see it’s we who own the land? / Can’t you see it’s we who take a stand?” Arfa displayed her right wing bona fides. She also bared her back in one shot. The leftists, even once they removed their costumes, kept their clothes on.

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