British Bias Censorship, aka the BBC


Temple MountMy name is David. I was named after my great grandmother, Devosyah, who is buried in a massive grave of over 100,000 souls in Babi Yaar.  And this very week swastikas desecrated her final resting place, defiling her soul just one more time. In any alternative universe that would be a global headline, but we live in an “olam hasheker” a false world.

By the time this is published, who knows how many other Jewish souls, G-d forbid, will be killed and then globally ignored. These Jewish enemies can’t make it any clearer. It’s not that they don’t want Jews praying on the Temple Mount, they don’t want Jews praying or breathing anywhere. And what makes it harder to swallow is that news agencies are partners in the terrorism.

When BBC demands that Naftali Bennett, of the Israeli Parliament, take down his blurry handheld picture of a dead Jew killed in the synagogue, while BBC spent the entire summer showing intense graphic hi definition video of Gazan bloodshed – it’s time to start handing out Helen Thomas bias journalism awards. And the only reason BBC is even nominated for such an infamous trophy is because they actually covered the Jerusalem synagogue terrorism story. In the States, the unseen headline of “Dead Jews killed by Arabs” is just dog bites man. The U.S. news agencies are too busy with Bill Cosby, Fergerson Missouri, immigration reform and Kim Kardashian’s extremities.

History has a tendency to prove that if you don’t cover the news, the news will cover you. The story will eventually come to your town and your house of worship. It’s not about land stupid. It’s about the continuous murder of all that is decent. And the stupid part is directed at those who report and don’t report the news – and in turn the unsuspecting ignorant audiences who never learn about what is happening in their world.

A robotic probe, after traveling ten years, landed on a comet this week in order to shed a glimpse of something in outer space. BBC covered it, as did the rest of the world. I’m sure if the Rosetta satellite beamed to earth images of a dead Jew on the comet’s rocky surface, all cameras would shut off and the space agencies and mission controls would turn back to Cosby and Kardashian.

The question of how the Israeli government, the U.S. leadership and the European community should respond to all these anti-Jewish, anti-human atrocities should be clear. But clarity is a devalued commodity in a world where prayer shawls and tfillin are drenched in Jewish blood and flesh.

Jews need to respond in full force by fortifying our very connection to Torah and mitzvot. We need to tighten up the tfillin on us and on others, Shabbos candles must engulf all mother’s and sister’s Friday nights, and Tehillim, continuous learning, the study of sacred books and an escalation of observance must be loaded into our daily routines.

The enemy has weapons and the world press agencies aid and abet in loading the ammo. We the Children of Israel have so much more. Certainly this time of year reminds us of our strength. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.”

Eventually the BBC and others will have to keep their cameras rolling as the Third Beit Hamikdash lands on the Temple Mount… and they will not believe their eyes.

May my great grandmother Devosyah’s soul along with all those who have been killed for the sanctification of G-d on the battlefields and in the synagogues, pizzerias and cribs, continue to be a blessing to our people – and influence us toward the observance of Torah.

Rabbi Dr. David Nesenoff is an internationally renowned speaker on Israel, anti-Semitism, Judaism, Chasidut and media. His video interview exposing and expelling the anti-Semite Helen Thomas from the Washington Press Corps went viral and became global news. [email protected]) Thid article originally appeared on Arutz Sheva. Reprinted with permission of the author.

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