Burton Emmer


Burton Emmer, of Rockville, died on Oct. 2. Burt is survived by his wife of 54 years, Lynne Emmer; daughters Laurie Emmer-Martin and Susan Emmer; sons-in-law Paul Martin and David Goodfriend; grandchildren Ben and Ari Goodfriend; brother Fred Emmer and sister Elayne Koshkin, brother-in-law Sam Oberman, and many nieces and nephews. He survived sisters Sibby Gross, Doris Sutton and Lila Estrin.

Born on March 4, 1937, in Brooklyn, N.Y., Burt served in the U.S. Army in Korea. He graduated from Brooklyn College and went to work for IBM. He earned a mid-career CPA and rose to managing partner of a national accounting firm. Devoted to South Florida community, he was elected president of the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce and appointed treasurer of a statewide political campaign.

Burt excelled at baseball, tennis, skiing, racquetball and bridge. He loved photography and jazz, enjoyed a conversation with anyone about anything, and took daredevil risks, like skydiving on his 75th birthday.

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