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Established in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 1983, Camp Horizons is a diverse community of campers and staff members from across the United States and around the world working, playing, and learning together. Since our founding, we have been fully accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), an organization that has been ensuring that American summer camps provide only the safest and highest caliber of programming for almost a century. Offering 50+ activities that challenge our campers to reach their full potential as individuals and team players, we are dedicated to making sure that campers experience their best summer ever at Camp Horizons and come to see their new Camp friends as their new Camp family.

Camp Horizons offers a variety of programs, which are broken down by age, providing campers with a balance of supervision and independence that best suits their needs. As campers age through the programs, they are allotted more freedom to build their camp activity schedule. All campers, regardless of their program, will experience classic camp fixtures like free swim, campfires, group games, talent shows, and more!

Discover (Ages 6-8): Our Discover program offers safety, confidence, and the promise of many fun-filled memories to our youngest campers, many of whom may be enjoying camp for the first time! We team up our youngest campers with highly attentive camp counselors for the entire day who walk them through a wide variety of pre-selected activities. Popular activities for Discover campers include: swimming, nature, team sports, wacky lab, garden, and arts and crafts.

Journey (Ages 9-11): Journey campers can fill their summer with unforgettable activities, from things they know and love to a wide range of new skills. At this age, kids begin forming their identity and our activities help them discover what makes them tick. Journey campers will choose their 3 morning activities and try a pre-selected afternoon activity together as a cabin! Popular activities for Journey campers include: archery, climbing elements, rocketry, dance, clay work, and soccer.

Explorer (Ages 12-16): The Explorer Program is designed to give our oldest campers a chance to build the summer of their dreams. Teens and pre-teens are discovering newfound independence, which we continue to encourage as Explorer campers select all 4 of their activities each day. Popular activities for Explorer campers include: water polo, drama, mountain biking, yoga, farm, frisbee, and photography. Explorer campers who are looking for a little more adventure may add 1 (or more!) of our 7 exciting off-site trips to their camp experience.

Equestrian Camp (Ages 9-16): Our specialty Equestrian Camp is a thrilling and unforgettable experience for anyone who love horses! All instruction is tailored to the skill level and specific needs of each camper, who will spend all 4 daily activity periods at the barn. Programming focuses on all things related to horses, including English riding lessons, stable management, care and grooming, methods of preparing for horse shows, trail rides throughout camp, and even taking the horses for a swim in the lake!

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