Long overdue

‘Underneath the Lintel’ is a perfect play for MetroStage

Becoming Golda

A Jewish country needs a Jewish mother. And during her five years as prime minister of the state of Israel, Golda Meir was not...

Peace in the near past

'Camp David' has its world premiere at Arena Stage

A theater troupe without sight or sound

Nalaga'at performs "Not By Bread Alone" at Kennedy Center March 25 and 26.

Yellow and universal

In 21st-century America, every Jew is a Jew by choice, accepting or rejecting the mantels of denomination and affiliation, religious observance and even cultural...

‘Mister Benny’ comes to life at JCCNV

Tim Newell plays the classic comic in a one-violin show.

“4000 Miles” an intense emotional journey

by Lisa Traiger Arts Correspondent More than a dozen years ago, when playwright Amy Herzog graduated from college, she took a cross-country bike trip, from New...

‘Race’ and veracity at DCJCC

by Lisa Traiger Arts Correspondent There are no shades of gray in David Mamet's provocative legal drama Race, which deals with guilt and innocence, truth and...