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Rockville resident to compete in national kosher cook-off

Ronna Farley has been cooking with Manischewitz for as long as she can remember. The Rockville resident says that numerous Manischewitz products are a...

A wing and a prayer

Sina Soumekhian’s newest venture offers a unique take on kosher barbecue. In addition to offering traditional fare like hamburgers and ribs, Blue Star Kosher...

Let’s get schmaltzy

Think of the word “schmaltz” and what comes to mind? Fat. As in “fattening,” “bad” and “avoid at all costs.” But chef and food writer...

Corned Beef Row comes to Potomac

He’s likely the only deli owner/doctor in the country, if not the world, and he’ll put his corned beef up against any of those...

Tel Aviv in the 4th arrondissement

Israeli chef injects hummus into Jewish heart of Paris.

Kosher barbecue set to open this month

Kosher barbecue fans will be pleased to know that a new restaurant is under construction and may open in Rockville at some point this...

Honoring nature on Tu B’shevat

Once again, another Jewish holiday is creeping up on us and, again, I’ll learn the real way to celebrate it in Israel. Tu B’Shevat...

Saying happy birthday to the trees

  Tu B’Shevat marks the beginning of spring in Israel. The season of pelting rains has reached its peak and the previously parched desert terrain...

New Year’s Eve tiny plates party

With New Year’s around the corner, here’s some small-plate party inspiration from Estee Kafra’s gorgeous new kosher cookbook. Kafra has assembled the best of...

Fried dough, a Chanukah delight

It’s hard to imagine Chanukah without doughnuts of some kind, from fresh, jelly-filled sufganiyot dusted with sugar to the seemingly infinite variety of other...