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‘The Chicken Soup Manifesto’ features hundreds of recipes from around the world

By Rachel Myerson I fell in love with Jenn Louis’ latest cookbook “The Chicken Soup Manifesto” at first sight. The James Beard-nominated chef has curated...
Cary Greene

Custom cocktails by the keg

Cary Greene became a lawyer for two reasons. One: to make a decent living. And two: to work in the industry that he loves...

A trio of fish dishes

Horseradish-Crusted Tilefish Serves 4 Horseradish goes beautifully with fish. It shines in this recipe atop tilefish, which is local to the Jersey coast, but any firm,...

Want something with more personality than flour? Try cornmeal

By Linda Morel My love affair with cornmeal baking started by accident: Somehow, two bags of cornmeal landed in my pantry. I didn’t find out...
Gregg Linzey

A leap of faith into the NoVa bagel business

Two years ago, Gregg Linzey quit his job as a financial planner to jump head first into the restaurant business. The bagel business, to be...

7 tips for staying healthy during the Yom Kippur fast

By Dr. Tzvi Dwolatzky There is a marked difference between the intended feeling of being uncomfortable with not eating or drinking for 25 hours and...

Non-traditional sweets to break the fast

In many Sephardic cultures, the first bite to break the fast is traditionally something sweet — a piece of cake, dried fruit, sugared nuts,...

The joys of a Persian Rosh Hashanah seder

By Donna Maher I don’t need to remind you of all the reasons that 2020 has been an incredibly rough year. We could all use...

How risky are High Holiday activities during COVID-19?

  By Shira Hanau When Passover arrived just a few weeks after the pandemic set in earlier this year, it was clear that seders with families...
Schmaltz Brothers’ food truck

Kosher food truck takes to the road in Montgomery County

It’s a sunny Friday afternoon when a truck that looks like a UPS delivery vehicle — except this one is painted black with colorful...