Details to Come

Arik’s charm offensive

Ariel Sharon could lay on the charm, and in private he surprised people by being nothing  like his fearsome bulldozer persona. There was a “yawning...

What’s a Jew for?

Jews were more optimistic in the bad old days. Why?

Pew and the Chabad Question

Stop counting synagogues. It's how Jews identify that matters.

When a Torah scroll falls

In a rush to protect the Torah, can we lose the essence of the Torah?

Slaves to shwarma

What did the pyramid builders eat? Not matzah.

It’s the little things

Cole Aronson found the flaw in pluralism. Conservative Judaism may be the answer.

Getting carded

It’s as if by receiving the envelope, you’ve arrived at the River Styx, and old Capt. Charon is on his way to ferry you to the other side.

How to make an interesting movie

“Any film that is pro-anything is not very interesting,” said Ziad Doueiri, director of "The Attack."

On the hunt for violent names

Why are some people obsessed with particular violent names?

Yeah, yeah, yeah

My colleague Larry Yudelson brought to my attention a rock and roll trivia discovery with an excellent Jewish angle hidden within: The Guardian's Data Blog...