WJWeek in TV 12/12

One more episode, folks. It feels like just yesterday that we had to endure the saga of Dana and Leo, which was one of...

WJWeek in TV 12/5

I think we’re getting somewhere with this season of Homeland. Something tells me it has to do with Brody’s redemption, which I could care...

WJWeek in TV 11/28

Admit it. You got a little (just a little) teary-eyed seeing Brody reuniting with Dana. Never mind the fact that the most wanted man...

WJWeek in TV 11/21

The last five minutes of “A Red Wheelbarrow” felt like something out of Season 1 of Homeland. Remember that? So much tension and scenes...

WJWeek in TV 11/14

A somewhat dull episode was to be expected after last week’s numerous OMG moments and this wouldn’t be Homeland without some filler/setup. Focusing mostly...

WJWeek in TV 11/7

Boom! Things have gotten crazy on 'Homeland'

WJW Week in TV 10/31

Homeland you’re killing me. After the revelation last week that made Carrie and Saul seem so clever, it’s already starting to fall apart. I...

WJWeek in TV

So let’s talk about that twist. The first two seasons saw Brody fooling everyone except Carrie and later the CIA. Now, the show runners...

What’s a Jew for?

Jews were more optimistic in the bad old days. Why?