A fourth Israeli election?

Since Israel’s emergency government was formed in May, the problems have only gotten worse. Last week, there was talk of another national election by...
A federal officer wearing a gas mask

Who invited the Feds?

What is the proper role of the federal government in local law enforcement activity? Two different programs being pursued by the Trump administration highlight...
Bari Weiss

Bari Weiss and The New York Times

Once you get past the schadenfreude, one could almost feel sorry for The New York Times. With the very public and searing announcement by...

We will miss John Lewis

“Beloved” is an apt word to describe John Lewis. He was more than a member of Congress, more than a civil rights leader and...
Sen. Chris Van Hollen

Van Hollen’s gambit

July 1 has come and gone. That was the date Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set for moving ahead with Israel’s annexation of 30 percent...

Beinart v. Gordis: The Israel dilemma

Peter Beinart, the journalist and political columnist, asks in an essay published last week in Jewish Currents: “What makes someone a Jew — not...

Religious fairness in private school funding

A state does not have to fund private schools. But if it does direct public funds to private schools, it may not discriminate against...

Supporting Jewish day schools

Four months ago, all of our schools were forced to close. That unexpected development required area educators to adapt their efforts to teach our...
Joe Biden

Biden’s challenge

Rep. Eliot Engel’s loss last week in a New York Democratic primary after 31 years in office is perhaps the most visible sign of...

Summer camp closures

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, which was particularly brutal in New York State, Gov. Andrew Cuomo prohibited overnight camps from opening this summer. The theory...