Joe Biden is an easy choice for Jewish voters

By Barbara Goldberg Goldman The past four years, especially the past eight months, have been devastating. COVID’s impact on our health, relationships, economy and lifestyles...
President Donald Trump, left, and Democratic challenger Joe Biden

American Jewry’s fateful hour

By Caroline Glick Almost all the polls say that President Donald Trump is heading toward defeat next month at the hands of his Democrat challenger,...
President Donald Trump

Jews betraying Jews

By Kenneth Levin The Jewish Democratic Council of America recently released a television ad comparing Trump and his administration to the Nazi regime. The ad...

4 reasons this Jew is voting Republican

By Howard Sachs Oh my, the shock! A liberal Jew that will vote for any “R” or little elephant icon I see on the...

6 ways Democrats and biased left-wing news distort, cover up the facts

By Marc L. Caroff Special to WJW As a former patent law judge with intimate knowledge of the Constitution of the United States and the Bill...

Don’t trust Republicans when it comes to fighting anti-Semitism and racism

By Joshua Runyan “Proud Boys, stand back, and stand by.” As president of the United States, Donald J. Trump had one job to do: Call out...
Marcy Oster, back right, with her family

How my family sits at the intersection of Israel’s COVID-19 crisis

By Marcy Oster I have five children, in very different stages of life, scattered across our home country of Israel. From young married down to...

Chasidic Jews have rebbes. Secular Jews have RBG.

By Rabbi Ben Greenfield In the haredi Orthodox world, a gadol is a Torah sage of such outstanding scholarly achievement that their legal conclusions are...
Mount Rushmore

After the Confederate statues, are Washington and Jefferson next?

By Clifford S. Fishman Special to WJW The Second Commandment forbids us to “make … a sculptured image, or any likeness of what is in the...

Here’s what Jewish teens have to say

By Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath Special to WJW For Jewish teens coming of age in 2020, this is an unprecedented time. They are dealing with a global pandemic,...