Get to know people from the DMV Jewish community through profiles, and sections You Should Know, and Last Word.

You Should Know… Gabriel Scheinmann (left)

Gabriel Scheinmann is executive director of the Washington-based Hamilton Society, which operates on 50 college campuses to help students get into the foreign policy...

The chips fall where they may with Sarah Cohen

"If somebody had told me when I was 18 that I would be making potato chips and living in the Shenandoah Valley, I would...

The good deeds of Dr. Stuart Lessans

In the Washington area, the annual Good Deeds Day of community service is itself the product of a good deed. Stuart Lessans, a retired...

Treating freewheeling emotions with Brad Sachs

By Tony Glaros Peering at COVID-19’s roiling effects through a steady, objective lens, Brad Sachs, a Columbia psychologist, doesn’t mince words when articulating the pandemic’s...

You Should Know… Alicia DePaolo

When Alicia DePaolo was younger, she began to look for ways to bring her Jewish and musical identities together. This search led her to...

You Should Know… Hannah Wolfman-Arent

Some say it’s the sauce that makes or breaks a pizza. Others say it’s the cheese or toppings. But to Hannah Wolfman-Arent, it’s all...

Prepared and practicing patience with Hindy Bogner-Orenstein

Hindy Bogner-Orenstein has been a nurse for 37 years. But she’s never seen anything as dire as the COVID-19 units where she’s worked intermittently...
Lauren Katz

Competitive cooking with Lauren Katz

Cooking can be hard. Cooking in front of a televised national audience, even harder. “At home you might break an egg and it might get...
Ari Krasner

You Should Know… Ari Krasner

Friends and family call her “the spray paint lady.” Ari Krasner is a 35-year-old artist specializing in hyper-realistic spray paint portraits on canvas and...

You Should Know… Russell Nadel

Russell Nadel, a middle school music specialist and composer, did not always like music. It took a whole lot of Billy Joel and a...