Last Word

Profiles of local people ages 40 plus.

Brian Rodrigue

Making sparks fly with Brian Rodrigue

Brian Rodrigue comes from a long line of blacksmiths. His great-grandfather constructed tracks for hauling logs through the swamps of Louisiana. His grandfather and...

Fictionalizing life in Bangkok with Iris Mitlin Lav

When Iris Mitlin Lav was readying for retirement in 2016, she sat down to jot out some notes about what she might do. After...

Talking about mental health with Joe Honsberger

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. It leaves depressed people alone to their thoughts, traps anxious people in a fear...

Objectifying Jewish history with Rebekah Sobel

By Haydee M. Rodriguez Rebekah Sobel sees her task as bringing to life the rich history of Washington’s Jewish community in a way that is...

It’s Gail Gaspar’s turn to speak

When Martin Weiss stood in front of an audience at age 63 to speak for the first time about his experiences in the Holocaust,...
David Schoenbaum

Violins and Nazis with David Schoenbaum

Nazi Germany, U.S.-Israel relations and violins. Three topics with at least two things in common. All involve Jews. And all have been the subject...
AJC Global Forum being held in Washington, DC, June 3, 2019.

Surveying the Arabian Peninsula with Jason Isaacson

By Kayla Steinberg Special to WJW Jason Isaacson has traveled to every state on the Arabian Peninsula, working to build relationships with high-level officials, journalists, think...
Rachel Ornstein-Packer

Expecting Sukkot guests with Rachel Ornstein-Packer

In survey after survey, American Jews name Chanukah and Passover as their favorite holidays. Not Rachel Ornstein-Packer. Sukkot has always been at the top...

The art of the sale with WTOP’s Jeffrey Wolinsky

By Tony Glaros Not long ago, when his mom was decluttering the house in Laurel, she dug out an essay Jeffrey Wolinsky had penned in...
Rabbi Irving Elson

Cool under fire with Rabbi Irving Elson

The High Holidays can be a stressful time, but even more so when under mortar fire. That’s an experience Rabbi Irving Elson knows all...