You Should Know

Meet local Jews in their 20s and 30s.

You Should Know… Matt Oberman

Matt Oberman has always loved dogs. He turned that passion for furry friends into a business: Bone Voyage, a dog walking and cage-free boarding...
Matt Adler

You Should Know… Matt Adler

Matt Adler launched his blog upon making aliyah in 2017. The goal: to chronicle his adventures exploring Israel. Adler, 34, is fluent in...
Aubree Hunter

You Should Know… Aubree Hunter

Connecting to Judaism for Aubree Hunter means connecting to food, and vice versa. The aspiring professional chef grew up cooking traditional Jewish recipes passed...

You Should Know… Stephanie Cardace

Thirty-two-year-old Stephanie Cardace is a physician’s assistant living in Arlington. She works 12-hour shifts in the COVID-19 unit of INOVA Fairfax hospital. She also...

You Should Know… Jason Lessans

Jason Lessans is a whole-brain person. By day, he gives his left brain a workout, crunching numbers and compiling statistics and reports on large...

You Should Know… Rose Jaffe

Some artists like to go small. Then there’s Rose Jaffe, 31. Since 2014, the Washington native has painted about 35 indoor and outdoor murals,...
Sarah D. Beller. Photo by David Stuck

You Should Know… Sarah D. Beller

For most of her years in Washington, Sarah D. Beller has worked for Jewish advocacy groups and supported a retinue of others. A few...
Annie Prusky

You Should Know… Annie Prusky

Twenty-four-year-old Annie Prusky lives in D.C. and works as the regional manager for OneTable, a national nonprofit that helps young people find and share...
Man with dark hair wearing lavender shift and dark denim pants, seat in front of some ferns

You Should Know… Jonathan Schilit

Jonathan Schilit, 37, loves the creativity of building things. Combine that with his passion for philanthropy, and it is no wonder the financial adviser...

You Should Know… Shelly Peskin

By Emma R. Ayers Shelly Peskin is quarantining in New Jersey right now. Of course, like the rest of us, she’d rather be doing something...