You Should Know

Meet local Jews in their 20s and 30s.

You Should Know… Joe Goldberg

Joe Goldberg is following his dream of being a freelance photographer. The 19-year-old graduate of Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School started taking pictures...

You Should Know… Shira Ben Ami

Shira Ben Ami, a senior at Maret School in Washington, has been an acapella singer since her freshman year. The 17 year old is...

You Should Know… Jonathan Zember, M.D.

They say laughter is the best medicine — a phrase that could have been written to describe Jonathan Zember, M.D. Zember, 36, is a...

You Should Know… Abby Newburger

By Ellen Braunstein Abby Newburger is always looking for ways to deepen her connection, and that of others, to the Jewish community. At 26, she...
Sarah Burford

You Should Know… Sarah Burford

Used wrapping paper, expired calendars and old newspapers. Where some see recycling or trash, Sarah Burford sees potential. By day, she works as a...

You Should Know… Justin B. Terry Smith

By Leonard Robinson Justin B. Terry Smith, a resident of Severn, is a writer, professor, veteran and longtime activist with a special interest in LGBT...
Lisa Bonos

You Should Know… Lisa Bonos

Lisa Bonos thinks of herself as a nosy person, which can be useful as a journalist. The 38-year-old native of Santa Rosa, Calif., became...

You Should Know… Thia Steinhardt

Last winter, Thia Steinhardt went on a journey through her family history. Steinhardt, 26, traveled with friends on a week-long visit to Lithuania and Israel....

You Should Know… Elliot Bromberg

By night, Elliot Bromberg is a stand-up comedian. The 23-year-old NoMA-based University of Maryland graduate co-hosts the weekly Zoom comedy show “Witty Wednesday.” Just...

You Should Know… Alexis Bentz

By Isabella Lefkowitz-Rao Alexis Bentz, a recent graduate of Wootton High School, is spending her freshman year of college at home rather than at Washington...