Rosh Hashanah

Holiday challah, round and sweet

I've made challah baking a weekly tradition for more than a decade. Lately, I’ve begun experimenting with all kinds of toppings, including my specialty: ...

Viral confessions

The High Holidays remind us that as long as there are people, there will be sin. Hopefully there will also be the urge and...

Marcia Falk’s open-heart approach

The poet’s new book offers “blessings, poems and directions of the heart” for the High Holidays

She’s all about food

Chef Dara Lyubinsky cooked for Eli Manning, Bob Costas when she lived in New York

Free Holiday Services

A number of synagogues in the Washington area offer High Holiday services without charge. Please check with the synagogue to confirm times and location.   Fort...

Beyond apples and honey

by Meredith Jacobs Managing Editor Pomegranates It is common to eat pomegranates on Rosh Hashanah because the fruit is said to have 613 seeds, corresponding to the...

Your guide to a sweeter new year in 5773

by Cindy Sher JUF News CHICAGO — Ready for a clean slate? We Jews are lucky to get a chance to start over every fall as...