Special Focuses

From one mom to another

Having a child and becoming a new parent is one of the greatest joys in life — but if we’re being honest, it’s also...

Getting carded

It’s as if by receiving the envelope, you’ve arrived at the River Styx, and old Capt. Charon is on his way to ferry you to the other side.

White House pastry chef visits Aunt Minnie Luncheon

Chef Roland Mesnier, the longest tenured chef to serve in the White House, delighted guests at the Hebrew Home’s Aunt Minnie Luncheon with tales...

Exhibit recalls Jewish refugees and Nazi prisoners held together in Canadian prisons

When Austrian and German Jews escaped Nazism by fleeing to Britain during the 1930s, the last thing they expected was to find themselves prisoners...

Raising the kids you love with the ex you hate

by Meredith Jacobs Managing Editor After repeating the same lessons over and over again to divorced couples trying to co-parent, Dr. Edward Farber, licensed clinical psychologist...

Finding room for homework

by Lori Snyder Invest now to minimize homework battles later: As the school year approaches and we stock up on school supplies, buy new backpacks and...

Keeping children interested during the seder

by Tanya Tolchin With Passover just a few days away, most of us still have a long list of things to accomplish. Between cleaning the...

Persian Passover

If it happened in America, Jews would be calling it the March Dilemma. In Iran, Passover generally falls at the time of the Persian...

The wine of the Exodus

by Anna Harwood Every year, the Passover story is retold in households around the world. We tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt accompanied...

The un-pharaoh

The Cyrus Cylinder recalls an ancient king who let the Jewish people go.