Bar and Bat Mitzvah

‘I had my bar or bat mitzvah during the pandemic’

“It was like a 'M*A*S*H' field hospital,” Gary Singer says, describing his daughter, Dalia’s, bat mitzvah on March 28. “We built our own ark in...

Charles David Korn Buckles

Charles David Korn Buckles will celebrate his bar mitzvah at Ohr Kodesh Congregation on March 14. Charlie will be the second generation of his...

Sharing your bar or bat mitzvah with another teen

For a boy or girl turning 13, their bar or bat mitzvah is treated as a special day. But what happens if it’s someone...

My secret bat mitzvah project

Here's what one sneaky mom and her accomplices did for one very surprised girl

Going to the dogs (and cats)

Animal-loving kids talk about their b'nai mitzvah projects

The party isn’t all fun and games. Well, yes it is.

Young teenagers aren’t too old to play games. And it’s so much better than hanging out with the boring adults. We asked several local...

How Leah Sachs changed her synagogue

At her bat mitzvah, Congregation B’nai Tzedek will not be the same place it was 13 years ago

Humanistic Judaism tries the ‘Cultural B Mitzvah’ on for size

By the time she was 9, Mariel Brunstein knew she wanted to have a bat mitzvah. The problem, which kept her from having a...

Zara’s African adventure

For her mitzvah project, Zara Ducker of Bethesda built houses in Zambia

App-solutely amazing: 6 apps for your bar or bat mitzvah

How did anyone pull off a bar or bat mitzvah before there were apps? Today, there are tools right in your phone that can help...