Wonderful Weddings

Humanistic weddings take God off the guest list

At Humanist weddings, couples often take the traditional marriage format and spin it into something more personal.

Rustic venues bring weddings down to earth

  Ballrooms are out, barns are in. That’s the thinking among wedding professionals when they size up the trends in places to tie the knot in...

Don’t be faddish when choosing a wedding band

When it comes to wedding bands, one size definitely doesn’t fit all — and neither does one color, metal or stone. And while there...

Wedding caps Maccabiah Games’ opening ceremony

The hasty nuptuals weren’t as spontaneous as advertised

Cut that shtick out. Save it for the wedding.

The checklist for Gavri and Laura Yares’ wedding last year included British and American flags, a ton of Star Wars paraphernalia, animal figurines, Hawaiian...

What will make your party memorable

You don’t have to reinvent the wedding reception to make your party unique and joyous. In realizing that goal, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing...

Saying ‘yes’ together

The breakdown of tradition has in so many ways presented opportunities for couples getting married, but it also presents challenges.

Wedding gown styles for the Jewish bride

With the spring and summer months being the most popular time of year for weddings, many brides are now beginning to search for their...

Is the wedding invitation doomed?

Will 2016 be the year when the opulent, printed and mailed wedding invitation gives way to the beautifully designed — but distinctly digital electronic...

Put on your dancing shoes

When Alisha Barnes wed in the fall of 2013 she knew she wanted to hit the dance floor with her guests. To keep her feet...