On June 26, WJW ran an op-ed in our Voices section by contributor Daniel Pipes with the headline “Turkish Support for ISIS.” Saudi businessman Yassin Abdullah Kadi complained about his characterization in this article, and Mr. Pipes has posted on his website the following retraction:

Jul 1, 2014  “YASSIN ABDULLAH KADI — AN APOLOGY –” In my article dated 18 June 2014 headed ‘Turkish Support for ISIS,’ I alleged that Saudi businessman Yassin Abdullah Kadi has close ties to ISIS, the militant Sunni Islam group, and that Mr. Kadi has funded ISIS. I also stated that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had met three times with Mr. Kadi and I implied these meetings took place in order to further Ankara’s alleged support for the ISIS group.

I have since been informed by Mr. Kadi’s legal advisers that he has never supported ISIS financially (or otherwise) nor has he ever supported any other terrorist group or activity.
“I unreservedly retract these allegations of Mr. Kadi which I accept are totally untrue. I sincerely apologize to Mr. Kadi for having published them.”

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