Countering lies


I enjoyed “Is the GOP the pro-Israel party?” (WJW, July 24). I have been a lifetime Democrat and been in contact with many Jewish Democratic politicians (JDP) on Capitol Hill. With that said, I am now a “reluctant Democrat” and certain the GOP is much more pro-Israel than the Democratic Party. 

I realize that most of the world media will favor the Muslim side as there are nearly 2 billion Muslims and only 14 million Jews but I have yet to see one JDP address the root cause of the conflict – occupation – as this is what fuels the hatred against Israel and Jews. I am waiting for one JDP to condemn the lie that the Jews arrived in Israel just 66 years ago, occupy Arab land and have no rights on “Arab land.” 

This lie not only insults Judaism but also the 2 billion Christians by stating the Hebrew and Christian Bibles and everything on Jesus (who was Jewish) is false. More important, the JDP should strongly state that there are archaeological sites to prove that Jews were in Israel 4,000 years ago – 2,500 years before Islam even began. 

The Jewish people are facing their biggest threat since Hitler took power. Hitler turned people against the Jews with his lies, and the world reacted too late.

We need to immediately address this lie because most of the world believes it. For any leader who criticizes Israel, I think Benjamin Netanyahu should invite them for a free one-month stay in southern Israel to see life under unprovoked rocket fire. I also feel Netanyahu needs to explain to the world that there is a blockade and security at the border of the Gaza Strip because of the Hamas desire to obtain weapons to destroy the Jewish people. 


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